Monday, June 29, 2009

Corporation of Kochi honours Late Sri Dayanand V Kamath

It is a great honour to our community that Corporation of Kochi is naming one of its road leading to Dayanand Apartments, a free shelter project at Pandikudi, Kochi established by Anugraha Charitable Trust, as “Dayanand Kamath Lane”. The function will be inaugurated by Sri V J Hycinth, Corporation councilor on 28th June 2009 at 4 PM.
Sri Dayanand V Kamath was a great philanthropist and humanitarian who lived for the cause of poor and downtrodden of the society.

Sri Kamath, son of Sri Vasudeva Kamath belongs to Kottaram family of Kadakkarapally village, Chertala. He had his preliminary education in Kerala and later moved to Mumbai. Encouraged by his brother, he took a job with Kuwait Airways and left for Kuwait. He later married Dr Narmada who was practicing in Kerala. He gave all the support to his wife to complete her post-graduation in Medicine in England.

Both Sri Kamath and wife, after serving in Kuwait for a quite a long period, permanently settled in Bangalore in 1992. Thereafter both dedicated their life and resources in the service of humanity.

Matraseva Mandir, a home for destitute women took its present shape only due to the contribution of the couple. They also contributed for religious, social, medical and economic spheres and helped the members to improve their living standards.

Their contributions to Sree Sudheendra Medical Mission, GSB Varthak Mandal, GSS Sangham, Kuladevatha Mandir Complex, Kalpi Kashi Math, Sree Sukrateendra Oriental Research Institute etc are invaluable.

They were also instrumental in starting a charitable fund under Kuladevta complex which provides solace to poor people for conducting marriage, treatment and repair of house etc.

Sri Kamath lost his beloved wife on 1st April 2002, after a prolonged illness. His love and compassion was evident during those period when he was looking after his wife who was in a coma for more than 10 months.

The year 2002 was a golden period in the history of Anugraha Charitable Trust when Sri S Prabhakar Prabhu introduced the activities of the Trust to Sri Kamath and his brother Sri Sadananda Kamath. The activities of the Trust which were aimed in providing comfort to needy people caught the attention of Sri Kamath.

His visit to Kerala in that year and the discussion held with Sri R Bhaskar Shenoi, President and Sri R Gopinatha Naick, Secretary, showed the great vision of Sri Kamath. He identified the areas of human needs especially to the disabled persons and senior citizens.

Sri Kamath in the year 2002 sponsored the first 10 people under a novel scheme of providing one free meal a day. The food is prepared in a house and delivered to those who are incapable of doing any work. Today more than 65 poor people are fed under this “Annadanam” scheme.

He also provided funds for education and medical help. More than 450 people are provided with Medicare cards for free consultation and medicine. A special medical fund named as Radha Bai-Dr J V Kamath provides large and continuous financial help to those who are suffering from critical diseases like cancer and kidney malfunction.

Sri Kamath founded Dr Narmada Dayanad Kamath Senior Citizens’ Home in memory of his beloved wife which was inaugurated on 12th September 2003 under the aegis of Anugraha Charitable Trust.

He was also personally engaged in his last days in establishing a Home for Mentally and Physically challenged in Ernakulam. This orphanage located in Karnakodam and inaugurated by H H Sreemad Sudheendra Theertha Swamiji in Janaury 2007, have more than 23 inmates a son date. Named as Dr Narmada & Dayanand Kamath Multipurpose Charitable Complex, it houses a unique Radheshyam Mandir with a single stone Makrana white marble - Radha-Krishna idol and three halls of more than 6000sq.ft each for religious and social functions. A free homoeopathic medical clinic run by Dr Padiar Memorial Homoeopathic Mediccal College is also functioning in the complex.

Sri Kamath and his wife Dr Narmada will be remembered by the people for their unparallel contribution in the history of GSB and extending their helping hand even to other brethrens who are in need.

He had earmarked all his wealth for the poor and downtrodden in his Will which came into existence when he passed away at 11 am on 22nd September 2003. He has given special emphasis on shelter projects based on the impressions he had during one of his famous visits to the beneficiaries of free food in 2003 and around Cherlai, a suburb in western Kochi.

With the funds provided from his savings, Anugraha Charitable Trust could bring out a magnificent Free Housing complex, named as Dayanand Apartments which provided shelter to 38 families consisting of 150 people. The project is located off Cochin College Road and Corporation of Kochi has now decided to name this road as “Dayanand Kamath Lane”.

Anugraha Charitable Trust is embarking on more projects in Kochi, an orphanage for men, a Satram complex for the pilgrims and one more free housing complex for the poor.

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