Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Home for Mentally & Physically Challenged - Karnakodam

Dear Samajbhandav,

We are pleased to announce that the foundation stone is laid for a grand project at Karnakodam near Ernakulam, Kerala to be named after Dr Narmada & Dayanand Kamath Multipurpose Charitable Complex (NDMCC).

This complex will provide shelter and solace to Orphans, Mentally & Physically Challenged, critically ill and also will have many public utility services for community gathering, religious- social-cultural centres.

First of its kind in the history of GSB Samaj, this project is coming up due to the liberal contribution from the funds earmarked for charity by Late Dayanand Kamath and his beloved wife late Dr Narmada Kamath.

We kindly request our brethrens to extend all possible help to this project by Tane', Mane' and Dhane'.

We would also like to inform that the Trust is providing free Annadanam every day, educational & medical assistance, running a well maintained Senior Citizens’ Home etc.

R Bhaskar Shenoi

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